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Movie “Lucy” Illuminati Exposed | We Are Being Prepared for the Great Delusion! (Video)

Movie “Lucy” Illuminati EXPOSED!


April 8 2014

More Fallen Angel propaganda in film.  Mass mind control manipulation in full effect.  We are being prepared and programmed for the Great Delusion.  Also, interesting article about a goat and a sheep being cloned with equally interesting insights about it. More on the half bloods that satan and his hordes have in mind for God’s sheep.

As far as other speculation and comments, we humans do NOT have the seed of the devil in us. We are NOT half bloods!! For more on half bloods click here


“Lucy” is clearly short for lucifer and he is using the same old lie used with Adam and Eve, that these aliens will make us so wise and smarter.  Folks, do NOT believe or accept ANYTHING from these aliens that will be “visiting” us soon. They are demons, bottom line, and they are out to destroy you and your soul. Seriously.


Are you prepared?


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