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Power Outage LESSON LEARNED! Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Power Outage LESSON LEARNED! Don’t Let This Happen to You!


March 04 2014

This early morning as I rolled over to check the time, my clock was blacked out. Terrific, did the dog accidentally unplug the power extension bar? I dismiss it and head back into merry dreamland since I don’t punch a clock anymore, no worries.

Later, when it was actual time to rise and shine, the power is still out. Hmmm… Today if the 4th, possible economy collapse? Last night an ultimatum was handed to Ukraine from Russia with love, has everything gone haywire? The solar X flares and CME’s have been promising quake, volcano eruptions and possible EMP’s…has this happened?

No internet, no power, no information. It’s incredibly foggy outside, can’t see but a few feet ahead. Hmmm … well, I’m happily not feeling panicked and went about my morning prayers, pausing and asking if my power outage was “significant”. Thank the Lord for His peace that passes understanding.

All of the “emergency” stuff is packed and ready to go, but not easily accessible for a “today event”.  Do I start rummaging and packing the truck, Lord?

YESTERDAY I didn’t make time to …

fill the vehicle with gasoline, only have half a tank

forgot to charge my only phone

decided to grocery shop tomorrow

while I’m on errands tomorrow I will get the dog food then too

I’ll take my shower tomorrow when I get up

will withdraw my paycheck tomorrow, too tired to deal with the bank today

didn’t power-down the PC

THE WHAT IF’s Conclusion

What if the grid was down, as-in DOWN and the gas stations were inoperable? Well, that would have also affected the grocery store, hot water for a shower, the banks would also be closed, and since my PC had been drawing on the battery once the power went down, not much battery life left. I’d pretty much be stuck.  I didn’t have coffee in my maker, and greatly missed it even though I have decaffeinated for months now, nor a microwave to heat the water to make coffee the old fashioned way. I found out just how much I depend upon that a.m. cup or three.

I felt isolated without the internet. My family happens to be out of the country and I’m unable to connect with them, so if I were to bug out, I had no way of letting them know. I had no way of knowing if we were at war, if the Sun did it’s devastation, if martial law was on it’s merry way …

I spent a great deal of time “catching up” today and reflecting upon the what if’s and my reaction to my time of darkness and solitude.

I thought I was prepared. I learned that I have much more to learn.

Are you prepared?


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