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The Seriousness of Sin is Revealed by the Monumental Cost of Atonement

The Seriousness of Sin is Revealed by the Monumental Cost of Atonement


April 5 2014


There are some horrific false doctrines surfacing. Some have been around for a while, were underground and kept secret only to surface with a vengeance during the end times.  To clear things up, here are some FACTS:


God is the uncreated Creator Who always has been always will be; He is eternal. He formed the heavens and the earth and the seas and everything good within them.  God breathed life into mankind. No one else, no other entity. Mankind is God’s masterpiece and no other creation was made in God’s image. There is none like God, He is an Original Who is all powerful, He is everywhere and He is all wisdom.

God created mankind with free will. If we did not have free will, we would only be robots.  Through a twisting of God’s words by the master of deception and father of lies, Adam and Eve exercised their free will and sinned against God, creating a sin-debt that man is unable to pay on their own. Consequently each and every one of us have inherited this sin-debt because we ALL are sinners.

The penalty for sin has always been, and always will be, the shedding of blood.  When unblemished lambs were sacrificed to pay for our sins, this was symbolic of the Lamb of God Who was to come to save mankind through the shedding of His unblemished, sacred Blood. There is no other way to be absolved of our sin-debt which sinful man is unable to pay with our moral bankruptcy through our sin nature, it must be through the Blood of God the Son, none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the True Messiah, the True and only Savior.

Sin fills the vacuum left when God’s truth no longer fills our lives. Every single human has exercised their free will and have sinned. Sometime, somewhere along the line, ALL HAVE SINNED.  Each of us in kind, must exercise our free will and accept this monumental sacrifice that Jesus provided for each and every one of us, a priceless yet free to us, gift of salvation. No good works, not cleaning up our act, penance or begging will pay our debt.

God has been patient with mankind for thousands of years.  He has not poured out His wrath for rejecting His ultimate sacrifice, the GIFT that is so undeserved  through sin,  yet. Our time for His perfect patience is running out. Because He is GOD, He cannot tolerate sin, it is the absolute rejection of His holiness and the ultimate insult to His awesome, holy Character.  The two are the definitive opposites and will never co-exist.  In His perfection, He must judge sin otherwise He would not be perfect. Jesus Christ of Nazareth became that judgement by bearing our sins and the just punishments for us who have accepted His free gift of salvation, He paid the price we are completely unable to pay! For those who do not accept God’s provision for a debt-free relationship with Him they will face judgement. Part of that judgement can occur now, in part because sin has its own consequences (always) while we are on earth and more of it when a non-believer passes away. God almighty will reveal the dirty secrets of each unrepentant person’s sinful deeds at the throne for all to see, before sentencing the unrepentant to hell. Sentenced to hell for eternity and with great gnashing of teeth for the painful punishment is unrelenting. Remember that we each had the opportunity to accept the plan of salvation; God’s free-to-us gift. God judges nations in real-time, as in the here and now. Have you noticed that we are under judgement? The severe weather, quakes, volcanoes, phenomenal sinkholes, dead animals, birds falling from the skies and on and on.

Meanwhile the father of lies is not done deceiving the world. His hatred for mankind is immeasurable.  He is the epitome of evil.  He wants everyone to have eternal damnation, exactly where he himself is headed and it will not be a party.  he manipulated God’s Word, twisting it in little ways in order to make it sound “familiar” to what we may have read in the Bible so that we will accept his lies as “gospel truth”. This is why we need to read the Bible and know what really is in it so that we can be discerning and know when we are hearing lies.

BEWARE! Here’s one of the lies: We all serve the same god.

We most certainly do NOT! There is only ONE true God and He is NOT allah. He is NOT muslim. He is NOT buddha. He is NOT jesus the prophet. It is not a matter of who gets what name, far from it. The allah, buddha, prophets are man-made, created gods not just in name only, but as far as their worshipers go, the false god they serve is real. In many cases they are! But they are evil entities, all just more of the perverted, satanically-inspired garbage from the father of lies; satan. God is above all else and every knee will bow to His Name when His patience is over, when judgement comes. God has been patient and had delayed judgement because He desires that ALL will accept His faithful, loving, eternal love and perfection. He desires that NONE perish, but many will.

He has been waiting for you. Are you ready to accept the truth and secure your future with the good, kind, grace-giving,  heavenly Father God, the Lord of lords and King of kings? God the Holy Father, God the Holy Son and God the Holy Spirit. This is the true, living, uncreated God Who knew you before you were born, even knows the very number of hairs on your head.

God, in His goodness, shared with us, in His Word, what the signs of the season of His imminent judgment and return would be. We are experiencing those signs of the season now. We are in the labor stage of the birth of all hell breaking loose. He tells us some will fall dead from fear with what they will be seeing. Now, that is intense!

Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. When you ask with true sincerity, and humility, He will speak to your heart; your “knower”. Ask Him to remove the deceptions of the world and those that  your mortal enemy had driven into your subconscious so that you can hear Him, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your precise Savior.

Admit that you are a sinner, ask Him to forgive you of your sins and be willing to turn from your sins (repentance). Believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth died for your sins, that He died and rose from the dead. Ask Him to be your personal Savior.

Get in right-standing with your beloved Creator. It’s no accident that you are here. Read the Bible, get to the truth and to get to know your Savior better! He deeply desires relationship with y-o-u and loves you deeply, sincerely, eternally!


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