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The Other Evidence That Demands a Verdict

The other day as I was writing an article, I thought to myself, “Never would I have EVER imagined that I’d be reporting this.”

The mere thought of guillotines in America, much less the knowledge that an American president would sanction the use of them for corporal punishment / lethal and legal beheading executions! This is ludicrous! That only happens in far away countries by crazed religious Muslims zealots, right? Alas…

This is reality in 2013.

In one day, SEVEN volcanoes erupted in SIX countries! In ONE DAY. What are the odds?!

How about THIRTY SEVEN volcanic eruptions globally?!

Four very large earthquakes in just as many days!

Treason continues to surface. The president of the  United States of America ordered a nuclear detonation on AMERICA, while hunkered down while fully expecting the military to carry out his madman orders.

Space, oh what a hot topic space is right now. Incredible things are happening! Meteors, comets, blood moon on the horizon…

Middle east continues its unrest with escalating wars, violence and rumors of wars.


Luke 21:11 “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

Google Matthew chapter 24. Here are some prophesies that have already or in the midst of being fulfilled: (the verses are in parenthesis) for social & political upheaval (6), famines, pestilences, earthquakes (7), these signs are precursors (8), religious persecution (9), disloyalty & a falling away from faith (10), false prophets & religious deception (11), sin & lawlessness abounding, the love for others growing cold (12)

Meteors and comets including comet ISON are one of many signs which Christ calls the beginning of sorrows in Matthew 24:8.There is so much more to come! Google Matthew 12:15-39! The sun and moon will darken, stars will fall from the sky (29), Jesus will come in great power & glory (30), angels will sound the trumpet gathering the Christians (31), the signs of the season (32-35, no one when, not even Jesus while in His incarnate state (36), as the days of Noah. Noah was prepared but didn’t know when (37-39.

But wait! There’s more!

The New World Order, and the One World Religion. We all have seen the beginning stages and the recent acceleration in the progress of this agenda,  coming from the president of the United States and the Vatican.

The RFID chip may not be the “mark of the beast” but could be the technology that will be used to enforce the mark, or it could actually be the “mark”. The mark could also come from “aliens” promising longevity and health for those who will accept the implant or “mark”.

We are about to experience signs and wonders of all sorts beyond our imagination. There will be an unprecedented invasion of aliens who will wear the deceptive mask of friendship and global peace. They are demons and are “visiting” for the destruction of your soul. Could ISON be heralding in their leader? Could the unexplained massive “something” following ISON be a legion of demons following their leader who will introduce the antichrist? There are too many things concerning ISON that our government is busy hiding and lying about. There is hidden agenda, count on it.

Ok, another possible scenario. What if ISON is satans way of “every eye beholding him”? The Bible says that he will come as an angel of light, well ISON certainly is bright now isn’t it? He can boast of the tremendous feat of the successful sling shot around the sun, oh gee look at me, i ‘miraculously’ survived the heat of the sun, blah blah. Even the name ISON can be interpreted I, Son = the counterfeit ‘son of god’? I can scenarialize for a long time but I won’t.

Sounds totally far-fetched doesn’t it?  And I’m only naming a FEW! If I’m wrong, so be it. But I am compelled to warn you of your near future and not worry about what you think of me or if I’m right or wrong! I may not know you but I do care about your eternal destiny.

All of these “signs of the season” are a warning for us from God to recognize our sinful state and to get right with God so that we can spend eternity with Him and not in damnation. I have not even listed everything that is a fulfillment of Biblical prophesy that is being fulfilled before our very eyes, the above list is just events within the past few weeks!!  There are just too many signals of His near return to be ignored!


It is time to turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth God the Messiah for your priceless, yet free to you, gift of salvation. Your only hope for salvation is in and through Him. Call upon Him today, while you still can.


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