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It’s the End of the Dress Rehearsal, THIS IS IT!

Got Butterfly’s Now?

No more rehearing, this is it folks.   The stage is set, the players will manipulate their puppets with greater ambition, greater intensity, eager to please their revered producer, AC. The selective media has been intensely effective, and the watchmen have done all that they possibly could. It is absolutely, completely and most assuredly very real, and the “show” is about to begin. Take your seat, set aside the popcorn and watch utter CHAOS unfold before your very eyes.

Scene: America; center stage. Cue military, alien invasion,  foreign and domestic troops, black outs, control, comets, and depopulation  top priority.

The United Nations decision snapped into place on Friday, September 27, 2013 and has authorized the seizure of WMD in Syria.  Does anyone really believe that Assad will take this lying down?  Russia, a formidable foe, must be taken seriously and literally regarding their alliance with Syria.  Obama’s pride grows exponentially every day that he remains in power which is evident in his haughty countenance, words and arrogant actions coupled with blatant inaction’s. The integrity of the fabric that makes America can withstand just so many rips and tears before it begins to unravel to an unrepairable shadow of its former greatness.  Peace and safety everyone, you have nothing to fear. Peace and safety.

Iran’s new leader should not be believed and his historical interaction with Obama is yet another false flag. His 360 change in representing Iran to other powerful nations should not be believed and is another “calm before the storm”.  Middle east tensions increase to the breaking point. Our government is NOT helping these tensions either, rather are contributing to them!  World war 3 is at the door. Peace and safety everyone, you have nothing to fear.  Peace and safety.

Our government has sold its citizens out to an enemy, Russia. Russian soldiers inhabit the land of the free with a free pass to “manage”, control and to imprison or annihilate-at-will American citizens under the false pretense of “crowd control”.  FEMA has activated mass emergency supplies in preparation for a “significant event”.  ISON and two other comets are hurtling towards earth and our government remains silent about the anticipated “landing”.   Or should I say “significant event”; at least one of the “significant events”.  Domestic violence is on the increase and the ability to effectively defend oneself is on the decline, fast track to obliteration.  Our children live in fear of rape, abuse, abduction or murder wherever they are: home, school, parks, church… no place is a safe haven for them, no age is too young nor too old.  Peace and safety everyone, you have nothing to fear. Peace and safety.

Historical event in Rome; the pope resigns.  The new pope is creating a “seeker friendly” and amoral Catholicism.  Muslim Islam is dominating many of our nations, Christianity is now a threatened, sleeping and weakening minority.  A “test” EMP is scheduled for November 2013.  Our government figures that the mass black-out has minor inconveniences. Minor? HA! How will our grocery stores stock their shelves? How will the municipal water system continue to operate? Toilets? Utilities? Food? Transportation will be a giant snarl without traffic lights as well as limited without gasoline pumps operating. How prepared is your family? Where will the government ship your children should this “significant event” occur during school hours? Do you actually think they will notify you first or at all  if all electronics are inoperable? Why else has FEMA ordered 3-day emergency kids for every student to be in place by October 1, 2013 for FEMA area 3?  Will the American dollar be worth the paper it’s even printed on?  Imagine the price of a loaf of bread or especially water during this mess. Peace and safety everyone, you have nothing to fear. Peace and safety.

Incredible changes and rare sightings  in space: our solar system/flares, the moon, plants, stars, darkness/total eclipse, meteors, comets are all happening during 2013-2014. Coincidental timing? Historical and severe weather has destroyed lives, homes, and communities.  Drought and pestilence has crippled our farmlands and the lives of our faithful farmers to the point of famine not being a third world but a USA in-your-face reality.  The sky is raining down dead birds, millions of sea life are being vomited on our shores.  Peace and safety everyone, you have nothing to fear. Peace and safety.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and we are adrift on the Titanic without life jackets. Horrific, apocalyptic events are on the horizon, if you are “lucky” enough to have survived the imminent assault upon and destruction of America.  Are all of these weird, bizarre  coincidences?

NO! ALL OF THESE EVENTS (and so much more) have been prophesied 2,000+ years ago. They come as no surprise to those who have been anticipating and preparing for occurrences such as these.  Some have gotten tired of waiting, dismissing the individual circumstances rather than taking a hard look at all of the events as a whole.  These circumstances affect the world and when America is brought to her knees, it’s all hitting the fan in unprecedented finality.  Still don’t believe we’re in the “end times”? Even that attitude was prophesied, look at 2 Peter 3:3,4 and in Jude 1:18,19.  Do the math folks, add up all of the prevailing headlines and factors. This is it.

cocoon-close-up_medium many nature butterflyWe need immediate and radical metamorphosis.

Shimmy out of your cocoons and ‘bloom where you have been planted’!  Open your eyes, un-stop your ears and wake up!  Curtain call, everyone!

I believe these events can not be changed but have been set in motion by supernatural forces, influences well beyond our control. Good and evil forces.  Do we lay down and just “take it”? NO! Prepare spiritually, your heart (soul), and prepare physically, your family and community. Think it through, be calm but get prepared! AND PRAY! Pray for God’s protection, guidance, His leading. These things CAN change for us individually. There is still hope!

Our call to action is this, bottom-line simple: If you’re not a saved Christian yet, be one. If you are a saved Christian, obey your Lord and tell others about Him!  Salvation is not something we greedily cling to ourselves, but in love we freely give as freely was given to us.

Need your script? It’s called the Holy Bible. Read it. He has told us everything we need to know right there in one blessed book, every word God-inspired. My analogy of a play ends here, we’re not actors acting out a fictional scenario nor are we the puppets of a grand puppeteer; the antichrist. This can’t get any more real.   If you are able to read this post, you have access to the Bible via the internet. Before the power grid is blasted with the upcoming, stupid “drill” EMP go to the eBible!! The language you’re reading is too antiquated, dry and flat out boring? Try the Living Bible translation for a fast read. You do not have the luxury of time, you really don’t. The thundering of the approaching apocalyptic hoof-beats is shaking the earth.

Get saved while you can, your eternal destiny needs to be a priority in your life. Now.

OK,when will all of this come to a head?

NOBODY knows, that’s just the way it is. NO ONE. But God did tell us the signs of the season to watch for.  It’s the season.  We’re in it.  Run to God, your only true safety.  He has been waiting for you. Put off this decision not one more second. He is calling you. Do you think you are reading this by accident? By chance?

Many ask, “How do I get “saved”?

Acknowledge to the true triune God that you, like every single human, are a sinner in need of the one and only True Savior.  Be willing to turn from sinning, He will help you to do just that with the infilling of His holy Spirit.  Believe that Jesus Christ the Messiah, God in human flesh, shed His majestic Blood for your sins, died and rose from the dead to live forever and ever.  Accept His priceless, yet free to you, gift of salvation and make Jesus Christ of Nazareth Master, Savior of your life.

Red Spotted Purple Butterfly

Blossoming New Life in Jesus Christ

If you prayed that prayer, it is time to get busy.

Get to know your Savior and read the Bible and pray (talk) to Him. Get involved in a Christian, Bible-believing church, tell others about Jesus Christ so that they too, can have eternal salvation and a fantastic relationship with our heavenly Father and Creator.  Get baptized.  I sincerely hope to see you in heaven friends.  I really do not want any to perish, I can’t imagine how strongly God feels this as well.

Be blessed, prepared and armed with His holy Word and grace.


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