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Is Your Heart a Runaway?

The attitude of the heart means everything.

It really is a matter of the heart.  Where our heart is, you will find our treasures, our true personalities, the things we love most, there. Unfortunately, many of us have placed our treasures in an unsafe place where the thief and enemy lies under the veil of deception ready to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) After all, that is his sole purpose; destruction. Reality check: is your heart a runaway or are you prepared?

When faced with the terrorizing prospect of chaotic civil unrest across America, (which will be violent) the rampant deceptions and corruption coming from our government, false flag “drills” which are preparations for the near-future real-deal, and the potential for World War lll on our doorsteps, and so much more, it’s no wonder we want to run away. In fact, many of us already have. We may still be present and accounted for, but in our hearts we have left.

The amazing thing is, Father God will not abandon us during these unbelievable hardships to come. I’m pretty sure you rarely hear that in context with end times. I understand that the end times will be as the days of Noah.  That verse is for the greater part interpreted in the negative sense. By that I mean, in the days of Noah people were enjoying the pleasures of life, they were highly perverse (including the “creation” of Nephilim; Genesis 6:4) violent, corrupt, devoid of conscience, lawless and in abysmal opposition to God; morally bankrupt.  Frankly, very much like our everyday current headlines.  But I have also thought about that verse in it’s positive form.


Yes, the positive is found in Genesis 7:1 ‘Then the Lord said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.”‘  God promised Noah His protection in Genesis 6:18 and fulfilled it, ever-faithful is He!

Wow! See the protection there? In the midst of the foul garbage throughout the world, God noted Noah and his household and their right standing with Him and spared them from the torment of drowning to death and eternal damnation. What inspiring courage this family must have practiced! No runaway hearts found here, no sir.  Even towards the end, most likely in the midst of intense mockery … I mean, seriously, for people who have never experienced rain ever, and here is Noah building this massive ship on dry land stating that it was going to rain so hard and long that it’ll flood the entire earth … and the people of the day were evil, devoid of any kindness? Oh, you betcha they mocked him, how could they resist that fun?  Yet, Noah the evangelist preacher, being a righteous man, continued to preach the goodness of God and warned the people of the coming judgement.  (Hebrews 11:7)  Did they admit their need for God’s intervention? Did they admit the error of their ways and heed the warnings? Did they give up the pleasures of the world to get their eternal souls in alignment with their Maker?  Nope.

The courage to admit that we need help is amazing. It’s a confident surrender of the heart that everything will work for good for those that love Him. (Romans 8:28) The key is, to love Him. And to love Him is to know Him. To know Him is to walk with Him, in His ways. We can’t walk together if we are on different paths.

The warnings in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and in Luke 17:20-37, particularly verses 26-27, can be seen in a positive manner also from a very negative viewpoint.  Both pertain, both are the truth.  It matters Who you heed, Who you stand with and what you leave in the debris trail of your journey. There’s more to the here-and-now!  So no matter what the situation, whether you believe we’re about to face mind-blowing crisis and danger or not, your spiritual preparation is vital!

We can learn from history, can’t we?  It is said that the only thing man learns from history is that we don’t learn from history. Yikes, I want to believe that attitude of the heart can change, we can make history by paying attention to history and the time is now! It begins with individuals. Individuals who have ears to hear, who are watching and have awakened from their stupor and see the blatant evidence of His imminent return. (Luke 21:34-36) It’s hard to grasp this approaching certainty particularly when it’s something you’ve heard over and over: Jesus is coming soon! But just piece all of the headlines and global events, and you will see that we are running out of time. At the very least, America as a whole is on the brink of epic failure and is subject to judgement just like the days of Noah! Many Christians are warning the population, how many are hearing?

God, being a good and just God, has given us full disclosure.  He has had His prophets prophesy everything that is currently happening, and has told us that we are to watch for the signs of the season. By golly, we are in that season. (Matthew 24:32-34) If the global threats won’t motivate you, then be reminded that your eternal destiny is of high value and importance!  Walking the “good path” all your life will not get you to heaven, to eternal salvation because there isn’t a path to heaven! That’s right, there is not a path to heaven.

I want the safe route, a rapture would be nice, but who really knows on that. Pre, mid, post or “pan” tribulation? Because I want nothing to do with the hard stuff.  My heart used to be adrift, a flagrant runaway, but no longer.  The remarkable “byproduct” of wanting the good stuff; my heart being in right standing with God Almighty, is the abundant love that I have towards Him that grows exponentially every day. I desire a portion of the intense love that He has towards all of mankind to be manifest in my life. Without Him, I’m not much of a person, hallow; too much is missing.

All hell is about to crack open, folks. You never know if this is your last chance, don’t miss the opportunity. Be whole, be saved. I stated earlier that there is not a path to Jesus because there isn’t.  But He has provided a way, there is only one way. He, Jesus Christ is the way, accepting His sacrifice is the way but we must accept His gift. (John 14:1-6) Don’t continue to reject Him or to harden your heart to His wooing you unto Him.  Have a faithful heart, one that is all-in, loving and present. Come home to Daddy God, His heart always beats for you.

Prepare and don’t look back.  A new life awaits you. Admit that you are a sinner and be willing to turn from sins, which is repenting. Believe that Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God the Son and Messiah shed His holy Blood, died for you and was buried and rose from the dead, paying your sin-debt in full. Speak to Him and invite Jesus Christ the Messiah (NOT the prophet!) into your life as your personal Savior.

I rejoice with you! Tell others about Jesus Christ, the one and only true Savior, steer them away from eternal damnation.  Get involved in a Bible-believing Christian church that preaches pure doctrine. Get baptized, read the Bible, which is your handbook to getting to know God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, His love and His expectations. Talk to Him (prayer) and He will reveal His plan and purpose for your life because He has a very good one for you.

He has been waiting for you.


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