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The Maker of the Mountains I Can’t Climb

These are not ordinary times and I am ready to dive off into the deep end.

Finally, I have reached the “want-to”, the readiness, the acceptance of furthering my “wilderness experiences” and I am willing to dive into the deep end, even though I can’t swim a single stroke on my own. Really, I can’t swim. I can fake it with fins on my feet, otherwise I’m floundering and lost in the vastness of the ocean, definitely “without a paddle”.

Recently there have been monumental mountains/changes in my life.  I lost a sibling to suicide on July the 4th to name just one.  Amazing how this tragedy has paved the avenue for a renewed and reconciled relationship with other family members, as only God can arrange, making beauty from of ashes.  Two of us got together yesterday and it was a delightful day of reunion and of memories, discovery, jokes and sharing.  Loving one another again and delightfully so.

After arriving home last night, I realized that I had not attended to the Maker of the mountains that I can’t climb. I failed to be alert to His promptings. Don’t misunderstand, I did not ignore Him, I failed to even be listening for Him. The mountain I am currently facing is due diligence in sharing the Lord on a personal level rather than using the comfort of, and preferred method of writing about my God. It wasn’t until later that I even recognized that I missed a “golden opportunity” to pray with this person on a one on one level.  He places these mountains in the path of my everyday journey and either I don’t even see them or I view them as unclimbable, too hard, too big, well beyond me. These are the “deep end” obstacles and challenges of my everyday life. My spiritual wildernesses. When I am in His will, no matter how large the obstacle to climb, to overcome, He is my safety net! Why would the trustworthy God of love and goodness give me a task that I couldn’t climb, much less complete?

He doesn’t.

My old habits haven’t completely changed and I need to do something about it right now! Time is so limited! I am aware, I am very aware of a call He has placed on my life, which will include evangelism as the primary objective, survival secondary and I am VERY, VERY aware of my abject  inability to complete the mission on my own. Am I so full of myself that I would think that I am exempt from His commission? Ha! Although I am not fully equipped, I remind myself that He does not call me to a task that I can not complete, a test that I will assuredly fail; what purpose could that possibly serve?  He lives and His Spirit lives in me as my Enabler. How do I know with complete certainty that He lives and enables?

He healed me spiritually, led me to the foot of the cross through coworkers and I responded.

He healed me physically many times and continues to.

He instructs me, I need to listen; it’s a freedom-blessing and a choice.

He blesses me, I enjoy returning the blessing back to Him with praise to my High King.

He talks to me, I talk back.

He protects me and provides for me.  Daily I thank Him for this.

He walks with me, I treasure His companionship.

He knows my every thought yet loves me anyway. I love Him in return, more each day.

His mercies truly do endure forever, I am dependent upon them.

He comforts me. I rest at His Feet; tears-exhausted yet consoled.

He is the Potter, am I the compliant lump of clay?

As I write this post and gather my thoughts, my eyes slide to my left to the Bible open on my desktop; I was reading something earlier.  Where my eyes rest is quite interesting, considering the last line of thought that I typed about Him. Isaiah 58:1-5 talks about guarding against godliness that has no life.  We are instructed that godliness begins with a heart turned toward God, with a life seeking to be molded into the image of Christ; responding to the conviction of sin, and growing in love with the Lord.

Despite, or because of, the hardships I have faced throughout my years He is changing my mindset and He is softening my hard-life-toughened heart. Lovingly, He caresses the scars and folds back the layers of crust. What I find intriguing is, that even those who have had an “easy” life have their own invisible scars and layers of crust even at a minimal level.  It’s the byproduct of the contamination of sin, and every single person has sinned, no human is perfect, no matter how hard we try or how many good things we do. Yes, God is the Maker of the mountains we can’t climb on our own.  Oh, thank God for His priceless, yet free to us Gift!  Jesus Christ of Nazareth, God the Messiah hung on a cross of wood yet made the hill on which it stood. For our individual salvation and for His ultimate glory. What a precious, “I’m forever grateful” gift to each and every mortal.

Are you ready to dive off the deep end?  I finally am.

Get your feet wet first. Start here:

Lord God, I am a sinner in need of the only true Savior, Jesus Christ the Messiah. I am sorry for my sins and I am willing to turn from sinning. I believe You shed Your majestic Blood for my sins, died, were buried and rose from the dead. You live forever, victorious over death for You are God.  I invite You to be my personal Savior, come into my heart. Help me to live for You and to overcome the hard-set sins in my life through Your power in me.

Congratulations brothers and sisters! I love it when my family expands!

To help you in your walk, read the Bible, (which is getting to know Him!) talk to God in prayer every day. (He’s been waiting for you!) Be baptized, worship Him, get connected with a Bible-pure doctrine Christian church. Tell others about Jesus Christ the Messiah (not the prophet!) God desires that ALL be saved and live with Him forever!  (John 3:16,  2 Peter 3:9)

And there’s a short post about heaven if you’re interested:

Be blessed, my friends and ever-increasing family!


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