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Videos: Precious Moments. Nothing like loving and supporting kids! (multiple short videos)



Your true, heavenly Father Who lives forever, Who loves you beyond my ability to express as a mere human, for the depth of His love is beyond description, there are no words to adequately describe His love for you!

It is HE Who picks you up when you are down. If you let Him.

It is He Who waits at the end of the road that you have taken in rebellion against Him.  When you return, He unconditionally welcomes you.

It is He Who was brutally beaten, gave His life and rose again so that you may live. It is He Who is victorious over death that you may have victory over sin and its eternal consequences. If you accept His costly, yet free-to-you gift of salvation.

Don’t reject the only One available to you that is everlasting, complete, faithful, honest, true, forgiving, and powerful over all. Pray in faith that you may be saved, before it’s simply too late.

Acknowledge to the true triune God that you, like every single human, are a sinner in need of the one and only True Savior.  Be willing to turn from sinning, He will help you to do just that with the infilling of His holy Spirit.  Believe that Jesus Christ the Messiah, God in human flesh, shed His majestic Blood for your sins, died and rose from the dead to live forever and ever.  Accept His priceless, yet free to you, gift of salvation and make Jesus Christ of Nazareth Master, Savior of your life.


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