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There’s Nothing Uncertain About Our Future. Coming Soon: America Under Attack.

When I was just a little girl / I asked my mother what will I be / Will I be pretty will I be rich / Here’s what she said to me
Que Sera Sera / Whatever will be will be / The future’s not ours to see / Que Sera Sera/ What will be will be.

I must disagree.

The future indeed is ours to see and it’s severely evil, hideous and satanically lethal. This article is based upon what the Lord God has given in full disclosure through the Holy Bible and His Words, so that many will be saved before the compete annihilation of America as we know it.  All of the warning signs are here, yet in our egocentric American arrogance we slumber.

923074_10151463429718859_2120246264_n martial lawMartial law like America has never ever experienced will soon be enacted under false pretenses. Our own government will incite riotous behavior to give room for an executive order.  Much of the enforcement officers/military will not even be our own, but Russian. Russians have zero tolerance, particularly for spoiled, hedonistic  Americans.  There will be mass, mandatory “immunizations” and if one refuses the injection, they will be herded to a FEMA camp already set-up and waiting for our miserable, shocked selves. There will be odd, unusual, ground-breaking and sometimes weird signs in the skies. Some we have anticipated through space technology, but that does not negate that God, the Creator of the heavens and earth, can manipulate nature and weather as a weapon when a nation is under judgment. Nonetheless, they will be astonishing, amazing, threatening and fearful signs of the times at hand.

Take a ride with me. Buckle up, it’s a rough road ahead. First stop, the peace and fun-loving town of everyday America.

As you are reading this article, and your friends watch their favorite programs in their respective homes, kids are playing and texting on their electronic tools, OUT OF THE BLUE you are blown violently, forcefully from your seat! The horrendous impact has deafened you, confused you and has severely injured you. You can still see, although through a choking fog of particles and dust and pulverized concrete, wood, steel. The home you were so sedately comfortable in only seconds ago is a pile of jagged rubble. You see only the legs of your loved one protruding from beneath the roof apocalypse revelation destructionthat once covered your neighbors home down the street. Thoroughly confused, you look around and all of the interior and exterior walls are no-longer. You see your American dream scattered throughout the neighborhood, along with numerous other American dreams.  Throughout the once-harmonious neighborhood are battered and impaled children, some miles away. Their strewn and splintered toys a harsh reminder of what once was. You spot your good neighbor Budweiser Bob because his walls also no longer exist, as he is oddly crawling through his rubble, behaving completely dazed and confused only this time he isn’t joking around. Blood covers his once jovial face and it is then that you see that his legendary football arm is no longer attached to his body. This triggers a response to inspect your own bloodied body. To your horror, best buddy Bob’s arm lies at your foot, its hand in a constricted, frozen claw.  You recoil in horror only to fall onto shattered glass, slicing through deep muscle tissue and a huge piece also severing your spinal cord.  You did not realize in your trauma-induced bewilderment that you have only one foot still attached to your person when you went to back away. You will not need that other foot with the now-severed spinal cord. Before you pass out and die from the blood loss, a shrill sound cutting to the human core punctures the heavy atmosphere and a blinding flash of light ends all life that once knew All American Lane.

On the another side of the country, the damage is not as severe but this is the calm before the storm. News is traveling fast about the attack upon America yet most Americans fail to make preparations, much less spiritual preparations. They sit transfixed before their electronics, watching the aftermath of the startling attack. This is AMERICA by god, who dares to attack us?! Abruptly, unexpectedly as swift as a flash of lightening, a scrambling of UFO’s literally fills the skies! There is an incomprehensible maniacal glee electrifying the atmosphere, the anticipation from the aliens is palpable. Some people have run outdoors to greet their saviors, America will be spared, they are certain of it!  Hundreds of aircrafts have landed, the fields and highways, every street and parking lot is littered and jammed with their vehicles of different design and size.  Some crafts are massive-ufo-invasionmiles big, unloading its thousands of drooling, horrifying passengers. Demonic cross-bred “children”, half humanoid, half animal or reptile, run ahead of the pack. Appalling never-before-seen creatures, barbaric ferocious beasts that are fixated on satisfying their hunger and lust for human flesh, desperately frantically seeking those to feed on. Many humans drop dead at the sight of the invasion, their spouses, children, neighbors looking on in shock as the aliens tear the dead to pieces in a ravenous flurry knowing that they are next. As lambs to slaughter, they remain where they are, too numb to comprehend the unthinkable, horrendous malevolence in front of them.

In other parts of America giant sinkholes envelope complete neighborhoods. Sunken cities along the coast are invaded913496_f520 signs of his return revelation end times weather extreme with the ocean waters, huge waves assault the streets, sweeping  along the injured, stunned, frantic, and the  dead. Tsunami and tornado sirens perforate the air. Utter chaos unfolds, people scattering in all directions much like watching an ant colony that has been flooded but without harmony or unison. Crazed by the shocking events, women turn back for their purses, children scream for their precious toys and electronic devices, fathers wonder how quickly they can get to the bank ATM before it is affected. Massive hail stones, rather, boulders rain on the earth, an instantly pulverizing death for any living thing that it hits. A frenetic tornatic wind of 250 mph spreads a poisonous gas killing millions in its caustic path. Yet many will not believe that this is the end of the once-mighty America, for a great deception will shroud MANY.

COLLECT-EGGS-300x236 campEven during the air, land and sea assaults from enemy nations and from the satanic enemies of our souls thousands of Christians who have spiritually prepared themselves for this event are gathering together. God is speaking to the surviving believers and non-believers, directing them to the refuge of the Christians who have responded to God’s warnings.  Imagine Noah’s ark, when God directed two of every animal to the ark, now He directs a more stubborn and less obedient group; mankind, to leaders He has called for such a time as this.



Most, if not all of us have heard so many false warnings throughout the years. On such and such date Jesus is coming back. Jesus is coming soon, tomorrow at 11:00 (although He is coming is always imminent). The Bible states that no man knows the day or hour that He is coming back but God in His infinite mercy has given full disclosure in His Word (the Bible) prophesying through the prophets the warning signs, the symptoms of the spiritual battle that must occur before, during and after His Son’s second coming.  Thus, will know the season of these things to come, He faithfully grants mercy to His people. The spiritual realm, often unseen, is frequently overlooked and disregarded as a reality. Folks, the spiritual realm is more real than the reality we experience daily and the spiritual reality will last for eternity. It’s up to each of us individually if that spiritual realm/habitat is a pleasing one or one of unending torment.

America is not a “player” in the end times that will usher-in the second coming of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There will not be a “left behind” scenario with second chances. America most certainly is on the path to eradication. Personally, I believe we will experience war and extreme conditions like never ever before, very, very soon. The warning signs are all in place, and the alarms have been blasting. Please open your eyes and ears.

Are you saved, free from judgment for your sins?  Time is NOT on your side, your salvation is something that never should be put off. God Who has warned you of the coming events has been waiting for you. If you are ready to spend a blissful, active, productive retirement in eternity with your Creator, pray the following aloud. If you are ready to spend eternity in burning hell, an unquenchable fire with gnashing of teeth, among the dammed in unceasing torture, then you have only yourself to blame. But I must warn you that you will not regret it for the rest of your life, BUT FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I am a sinner that needs forgiveness and I ask You Father God, Lord Jesus, to forgive me. I believe You images_i sorry Godare Savior and Lord Who shed Your Blood and  died for my sins to be forgiven, and rose from the dead; You live forever. I turn from (repent) my sins and invite You Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come into my heart and life as Savior and Lord. Please, help me to glorify You in all I say and do. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and personal Savior. I ask for supernatural wisdom and discernment as I obediently enter the mission filed; my everyday neighborhood, my family and friends and share the good news of the forgiveness through Jesus Christ the Savior for all who believe in Him . I ask for holy boldness as I seek out the unbeliever, (the lost) and tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. I can do Your will through Your power in me, Your Bible tells me so. In the all powerful Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray. Amen.

jesus cross loveContact us, tell others about your new life in Jesus Christ, spread the good news!  Help your loved ones, your friends, steer them away from the pit of hell. Begin immediately and get into the Bible, ask God the Holy Spirit for understanding, for His enlightenment as you begin to read His Word. The gospel of Mark or John in the New Testament will give you a quick overview. Life as you know it is radically changing and it is not going to get better (as an unbeliever) until the spiritual war that we are exposed to has run its due course. Do not dismay with the coming events because the war has already been won, Jesus Christ is victorious. Therefore we, as His believers/followers are victorious also. Stay in touch with mature Christians to help you as you do not have the luxury of time. We need to spiritually “grow up” quickly, for His full disclosure of the signs of the end times are upon us. Come to the safety of God almighty, nothing & nobody else can save you!


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