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Math is Really, Really Hard

11 Photos That Definitively Prove Math Is Really, Really Hard

Sure, we all know math is hard. But c’mon, advertising the price of something isn’t exactly advanced trigonometry. Let’s get it together people!

1. Why pay less when you could pay more?

2. Count ’em: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9… 20 calories!

Dr. Pepper thinks Men can't Math Good.

3. Yeah… that’s not the quadratic formula.

4. But it’s taller and stuff!

I can math

5. No wonder we never feel full after a 10-piece!

6. Alternative kicker: “So we increased it by less than that.”

7. Hey, doubling your swagger costs money.

8. Um…

New Math

9. Err…
Really puma? Clearly cats can't do math

10. Explain yourself!

Circuit City Math Fail


Source: via Alida on Pinterest


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