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Unclean Spirits Are On a Last-ditch Mission. Are you protected?

imagesCA43BGN4 worship 2_praise stormOverjoyed with his new life, he shared his story with anyone and everyone who would listen.

Waiting for the bus, on the bus. At the hardware store, at the cashier counter. People waiting in line were receptive to his carefully chosen words, if for no other reason than to pass the time waiting to purchase their goods. He witnessed to the server at the cafe, and certainly not with an anonymous tract left with her tip, he had to speak personally to her because this is what Jesus would do.  But he was careful not to detain her too long and get her in hot water at work, he was perceptive and polite. Basically, his daily “to do list” always, always included Jesus in one form or another.

He read from the Bible not just daily, but several times throughout the day. He was growing, maturing in his Christian walk, and loving God more fully with every beat of his heart.  His love and gratitude to God was the life-sustaining blood that flowed through his veins. He was completely and totally head-over-heels in love with and committed to his Lord God. “On fire for the Lord” was simply a mild term when it came to David’s dedication.

He had new friends, wonderful Christian friends, since acquaintances from his previous life just didn’t understand and were unwilling to change. It pained him deeply that his old friends were stiff-necked about hearing or believing the Truth and he prayed for them every day, that the Lord would soften their hardened hearts and convict them of their need for salvation. It was difficult for him to even relate on some level, he had advanced in his righteous living so deeply; his past and old ways became a distant memory.

He’s a devoted family man now, married over a year to a gentle, sweet Christian woman who is carrying their welcomed and already cherished child. What an exciting time, gratitude and pleasure automatically seeping from his every word, his every action, and every facial expression. His wife is health-conscious and is taking good care of herself, her unborn child, and her husband. Love literally flourishes in this family. He knows he will be a loving dad to his child, and looks forward to reading the Word of God to him or her on his lap. Expected due date could not arrive fast enough.

So much had happened. First getting saved was a huge leap. David noticed that the stronger he grew in his Christian walk, the more he was faced with temptations from his past. Struggling with turning from his old sinful ways became hard enough for him to seek the counsel of a mature Christian brother and they prayed, fasted and drove out unclean spirits that he had unknowingly “welcomed” into his life.  Such a relief deliverance was, such a sense of freedom, like a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders! Determined to move on, he was mindful to break the old physical habits and mindset that were associated with the destructive demons. He knew through his Lord Jesus that together it could be done, so it was already done, end of story.

He was doing everything right and living was a pleasure, exciting, adventurous!  But in a instant life threw a massive curve ball at him. That was when David first let go of the most precious thing to him, shattering it into a million pieces like fine crystal heaved upon a concrete floor, unnoticed, unconcerned. He stopped listening to his Lord.

David sat on the floor of his family room, tucked tightly into the corner, elbows deeply dug into his knees and chin hidden in a cradle of knuckles. The phone disconnected, doors locked against well-wishers, all the lights out, curtains closed tightly. The darkness a welcomed, deep void swallowing him up. He had moved beyond the crying stage but his grief was still exceedingly tender, raw and exposed. He craved a deeper darkness, convincing himself that the dark would make it all go away and morning would prove the police and doctors wrong. Subconsciously his head rocked back and forth in a no, no, no gesture, silent tears emerging back again, despair on the fringes. No…

His in-laws were very supportive at the funeral amid their own grief. David was reserved, absent in mind, dismissing any consolation but very politely. His church family showed their support with love, food, prayer, and tenderness. No one knew that the casseroles and desserts still covered the kitchen table, untouched. No one knew the deep despair that David was sinking into except for Jesus Who cared for him beyond human comprehension. But he had closed his mind to the Lord Whom he had once held dearest. Ever-caring, the Good Shepherd whispered to David’s spirit: “I am here. I will not leave you.”  But David wasn’t listening.

depression man sad bondage tears2Depression affected his work and his indifference led to losing his job.  Not soon after that the bank repossessed his home, non-payment for the last nine months. Interestingly, his home was just one of many with “Foreclosure” signs planted in the front yards; the economy on the down slide. No longer caring about his neighbors problems, his thoughts continued to darken and his activity became vegetative.

Living the American dream. He thought bitterly. To hell with it all.

Not all unclean spirits are obvious. Some are sly, insidious, sinister and just as destructive as the more aggressive ones. Like a snake lying in wait for it’s prey, slithering closer its tongue flickering, its appetite whet and lustful.  They are sneaky and able to slink through the barest of open doors.  That is the point. We open the door to them. They cannot force themselves upon us as Christians, we have to had done something knowingly or unknowingly while in an unguarded state to allow access. To name a few possible examples; a second quick glance at the scantily-clad woman,  allowing ones temper to get lost, generational inheritance, or a backsliden or non-believer state that prevents His protective umbrella, you could get soaked because of the things that you’re doing while in that state. Loss of job or home or family can cause a root of bitterness and anger which will utterly and completely destroy you if gone unchecked. Our No Trespassing signs over our emotions, thoughts and bodies have fallen to the ground leaving us vulnerable and exposed to a spiritual and physical world of intense danger.

Unclean spirits are not loners. He like to group, hang out in gangs; rulers and magistrates, generals, down to the private. They love applying pressure tactics. They gain ground by our submitting to the pressures and more of their troop enters in, with increasing, intense pressure, literally crowding out and darkening the good in us. Their goal is to steal and to completely destroy. You have maniacal, fanatical foreign terrorists invading your spirit, mind and body with the detonator in their slimy hands. Seems like an hopeless, endless loop-battle doesn’t it?

The good news is that as Christians and through the shed, living Blood of Jesus Christ we have authority over these vile spirits, these terrorists of our souls!

The power of the believer comes to him with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Luke 9:1  “Then He called His twelve disciples together, and gave them power and authority over all devils, and to cure diseases.”   Our deliverance is in taking upon ourselves our armor, the whole Armor of God to remove all vulnerability. Our deliverance is in applying the authority given to us at a high price and casting out the enemies of our soul, our weapon the Word of God. Boy, do they hate that! They quiver and squirm, stinking cowards under the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There is hope. The battle has already been won when Christ rose from the dead. We have the victory! We are stronger then them and their entire legion! Christ is our Mighty Captain and we are his warrior children.

Listen, the enemy of our souls knows that his time is running out. We will see an increase of demonic activity like never before. Not just the disembodied spirits that most us do not see all around us, but there will be a notable increase of nephilim (hybrid demons; Genesis 6:4, Daniel 2:43, Luke 17:26) and they will not remain undercover for long, they will be blatant and terrifying to most. They will be a variety of “ET’s”, none harmless mini-me’s as Hollywood portrays, but some as giants, some tall and pasty, others vile half humanoid, half bizarre, horrifying creatures, one’s worst nightmare a reality challenging us in our faces.

There already are strongmen entrenched deeply within our leaders, our pastors, our congregations, our neighborhoods. Strongmen do not surrender easily and lust deeply for the ground they have acquired. They feel entitled to their prisoners and to their complete torment and torture, they thrive on it!  There are rulers over complete cities, states and nations. Just because we don’t see their activity does not mean they are not there. Look at the community and state activity in Las Vegas, Hollywood, Iran, Palestine for examples. Who or what do you think is influencing all this insane activity? Certainly not the Maker of all goodness! The spiritual realm is just as real as what we can see and feel as our physical reality.

Listen to the Lover of your soul, not the destroyer of it. Don’t be embarrassed to turn to a brother or sister in the Lord for help. The sin that opened the door will not shock those of whom you seek help, most of us in the deliverance ministry have already been in your shoes. If you have a spirit of suicide or murder, it doesn’t mean you committed that sin but have been tormented by thoughts associated with it.  The  fury over your cheating mate, resentment with the bank who foreclosed on you, or seemingly innocuous, momentary anger towards the moron who cut you off on the road, any of these and more can open the door to your spiritual house if we are wandering around in a war zone without protective gear.

god only victory triumph new lifeWhat about Dave?

He opened his ears and heard His Lord and Savior, got deliverance. He renewed his commitment to the Lord, his joy, his freedom, his first love for Jesus. He has remarried and pastors a doctrine-pure, compassionate church of on-fire, radical believers. And by the way, if any of these description made you nervous in the pit of your stomach, listen to your Lord, don’t close your ears to your own demise and ultimate destruction. Seek godly counsel, please.

Don’t get weary of hearing it, it’s not a rubber-stamp phrase:     Time is running out. We have been forewarned.

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