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How Well Do You Know satan?

space bigbang1 war in heavenA long time ago there was a massive war in heaven, in part, causing the deep and intense craters we see on the moon and on other planets, even our own.  These are only a few of the eternal scars from that war.

It’s true, lucifer rebelled against God because he wanted to be god. he was the best-looking created angel and boy did it ever go to his head. Actually pride remains his main objective and is one of his best weapons. lucifer organized a third of the angels and rebelled against God and the remaining angels. I can’t even fathom the intensity of this war, unlike anything we, mankind, have ever experienced. he and his rebellious angels fell to the earth like lightening. In fact, each time he is defeated he falls like lightening. Luke 10:18

When God created mankind, beginning with Adam then Eve, lucifer thought he saw his opportunity. In the form of a snake, he tempted Eve, twisting God’s words with a deceptive rephrasing and both Adam and Eve fell for it and sinned against God Almighty.  Appealing to their pride, his deceit was embraced. This placed mankind in debt to God. Sin-debt so intense, mankind is completely incapable to paying it. It was during this time that lucifer roamed the earth that his name changed to satan.

lucifer has been trying to be god ever since and is frustrated with his efforts. he is throwing quite the tantrum these dayschrislam apostacy false religion because he knows his time is limited. he wants to make the best of the time he has, craving the praise and exalted status of God.  (Author’s Note: Any of satan’s names or references to, are not capitalized on purpose.)

In fact he has been counterfeiting all along. he attempted ‘creation’ with the joining of demons and human women (Genesis 6:4) which simply produced a synthetic, hybrid race.  An evil race that interacts with mankind even to this day.  We are warned to use wisdom with who we “entertain”, to be hospitable with fellow Christians.  Hebrews 13:3  These hybrids will soon remove their masks and we will see just what (not who) we have been doing spiritual and physical business with.

God’s only begotten Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Who is equally God. God is Triune: Father, Son and Spirit.) came to earth to pay our debt in full.  Imagine that for a bit.  Debt that is beyond bankruptcy was lovingly, eternally paid in full and mankind did not earn this blessing, nor ever will be able to.  We can’t ever be good enough, pay enough, do enough to pay the enormous debt of sin. And each and every person is a sinner.

Meanwhile, satan was defeated when Christ came and suffered, shed His majestic, precious Blood, died and rose from the dead, living forevermore.  All a person needs to do is to acknowledge that they are a sinner in need of the  Savior and in need of forgiveness, turn from their sins, and ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth (NOT jesus the prophet or any other counterfeit ‘savior’!) to be their Savior and to forgive them of their sins. How hard is that?  Yet it’s an exercise, sure.  An exercise of faith and even that  was given to each of us from God. He has provided everything!

Now totally defeated and not just for one battle, but for eternity, satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour. 1 Peter 5:8  With his limited time and chance to be god, he is using desperate measures to destroy any and all that he can.  None of his tactics or works are of any surprise to Supreme God, He knows everything.  I believe that the only emotion God can not experience that we experience.  That is surprise.

rick-warren-kings-way-partnering-with-muslims-february-28-2012In order for satan to be worshiped and revered as god, he has influenced man throughout the history of mankind 1 Chronicles 21:1 but remember, even though he can influence mankind and has supernatural powers? he is NOT all-powerful, only the one, True God is. satan is not omnipresent either. his presence is limited, which is why he needed the additional angels, and the additional “created” hybrids. The deceiver has created many false religions with many false teachers, prophets and influences all wrapped up in (often subtle) deceptions.  2 Corinthians 11:14  Bottom line on all of these “religions” is that they worship satan directly to him or indirectly or through his demons.  These false teachings and practices will have the appearance of safety, security, prosperity and success.  But it’s all a lie.  All of that and more, are synthetic knock-offs and will not last literally forever.  God’s security, safety, prosperity, successes and limitless more, are literally forever and are the genuine article.  Why settle for a Timex when the Rolex is yours for free?

satan is in a full-rage, demonstrated in part by the unthinkable acts we commit against one another and by the furious hatred those who follow one of satans deceptive prophets. Murder, wars, slaughter, abortion, chemical warfare, are just the tip of the iceberg.  what will come will completely blow our minds if we aren’t among those annihilated in the first (of many) strike!  Revelation 2:24  he knows that his time to be worshiped worldwide is near and he also knows his time to go to hell will follow.  he lusts for his fame in all the earth.  he lives for worship to him to come, all must worship him, it is his life-blood.

God, since He is all-knowing, has inspired the many authors of the Holy Bible for us to get to know our Maker and also to forewarn us of things to come.  The prophesies inspired to man by God in the Bible are 100% accurate.  The heinous near future of America and of the world are at our doorsteps.  Don’t be conned, don’t be fooled, do not be deceived.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is your Salvation and redemption. Scroll back up to paragraph seven, where the “abc’s” on the Biblical, acceptable way to Jesus Christ is explained.

Call upon His Name while you can.  Before it’s too late, because despite a popular series of novels, there are NO SECOND CHANCES.  Things may appear harmless right now, but that can change in a millisecond.  It’s past time to get right with God.  Join His family, He has so much love and goodness to offer!

To delay is spiritual suicide to be endured not just painfully but eternally.

May God have mercy on us. blue water nature tranquil peace nature


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