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Perhaps This is Why

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Ever wonder why it’s such a deep secret?

The rapture, Armageddon, all of that stuff in Revelation.

I was casually considering this and I have a few ideas about it. Nothing profound, just simple ideas.

I’ve noticed that when I know I have a limited amount of time to get something accomplished, I’m all in. I mean, it’s full-bore, type A all the way.  In contrast, when I was managing my department while I was in the work force, I learned to expect much less from a worker when they had given a weeks notice of intent to quit. Short-Timers Disease we called it.

Apparently a limited future, so to speak, can go either way. Profound procrastination or profound performance.

When there’s plenty of time to “get to it”, ah … well, sure I can put it off.  Again. I’ll “get around to it” later, there’s plenty of time to do it later. I reason that I have the must-do’s to get to now.  And I can’t think of a single example of getting right to it when there’s plenty of time. Not one. When there’s no accountability, or restriction, why would it matter when I get to it?

It’s this mindset that I fall into that I believe is quite common. It’s human nature at one of it’s rawest forms.

Is it any wonder God does not reveal His timing? Oh, I’m certain there are many, many other reasons He does not reveal the second coming of Jesus Christ. I mean, you just don’t tip your hand at the poker table when there are great stakes.  His plan and desire is that no man (person) perish, but that ALL come to saving grace through His only begotten Son Jesus, 2 Peter 3:9, so the “stakes” are exceedingly high. Why else does He delay; in His perfect love He wants more souls!

I was imagining the what if’s.  If mankind knew exactly how much time was left before He came for those who believe in Him, would that salvation commitment get continually postponed? Would we be Sunday-only Christians since there is time to get really dedicated later?  I’ll talk to Joe about Christ another time?  I’ll pray about that when I have time, I have until …

Well You see, God, I really like to relax / play golf / go fishing / watch the game / party / have a lot of work / need to support the bills / I have so many errands with the kids and I know You’re not on board with that because You want 100% commitment and You want part of my my Sundays, which is my day off.  So, since I have time. I’ll get to it later.  I promise I’ll do all that Bible stuff on ...  but for now if You’ll just help me with …

In His faultless mercy He has given us full disclosure. His Word explains  the season and times and His prophecy’s to be and which already are fulfilled. He vividly outlines the coming (and current for us) events that precedes the Blessed Hope and the horrors that mankind will inflict upon itself. So, it’s not as though we are groping about in the dark, stumbling, confused and blind to  Where is He?  When will He come?  Is this Him?  Are these miracles from God?  Maybe this guy really is god, everyone thinks so, he’s so likeable, so revered by most!  And he brings peace, finally!  We will all be one religion that doesn’t discriminate or fault-find, no more fighting about that or sin confession, phew!  One leader, how cool can that be?  Financial and medical security is here!  We really can “all get along”.

Important circumstances and situations not only to ponder, but to discover on an individual level how all of this “stuff” adds up in His Word, the holy Bible. It is there that we can find the ultimate, non-politically correct, unvarnished truth.

Perhaps all of this and more is why He delays. What do you think?

Are you saved, free from judgment for your sins?  Time is NOT on your side, your salvation is something that never should be put off. God has been waiting for you. If you are ready to spend a blissful, active, productive retirement in eternity with your Creator, pray the following. If you are ready to spend eternity in burning hell, among the dammed in unceasing torture, then you have only yourself to blame. But I must warn you that you will regret it not for the rest of your life, but for all of eternity.

Dear Lord Jesus,
I am a sinner that needs forgiveness and I ask You Father God, Lord Jesus, to forgive me. I believe You are Savior and Lord Who shed Your Blood and  died for my sins to be forgiven, and rose from the dead; You live forever. I turn from (repent) my sins and invite You Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come into my heart and life as Savior and Lord. Please, help me to glorify You in all I say and do. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and personal Savior. I ask for supernatural wisdom and discernment as I obediently enter the mission filed; my everyday neighborhood, my family and friends. I ask for holy boldness as I seek out the unbeliever, (the lost) and tell them the good news of Jesus Christ. I can do Your will through Your power in me, Your Bible tells me so. In the all powerful Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray. Amen.

jesus cross loveTell others about your new life in Jesus Christ, spread the good news!  Help your loved ones, your friends, steer them away from the pit of hell. Begin immediately reading the Bible, ask God the Holy Spirit for understanding, for His enlightenment as you begin to discover intimate relationship with your Creator through His Word.

The gospel of Mark or John in the New Testament will give you a quick overview. Life as you know it is radically changing and it is not going to get better (as an unbeliever) until the spiritual war that we are exposed to has run its due course. Do not dismay with the coming events because the war has already been won, Jesus Christ is victorious. Therefore we, as His believers/followers are victorious also.

Stay in close contact with mature Christians to help you as you do not have the luxury of time. We need to spiritually “grow up” quickly, for His full disclosure of the signs of the end times are upon us.

Come to the safety of God almighty, nothing & nobody else can save you!


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