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Dog saves abandoned newborn, brings infant home

Officials believe baby was abandoned at roadside dump

thailand good dog(LifeNews) A family dog in Thailand is credited with bringing home an abandoned newborn baby on Monday.

The two-year-old canine named Pui found a plastic bag with a newborn baby girl inside and carried the infant back home. Officials believe the baby was abandoned at a roadside dump in Tha Rua district of Ayutthaya province.

According to a report in the Bangkok Post, when Pui returned home, it barked loudly to get it’s owners’ attention. A 12-year-old girl named Sudarat Thongmak came out of the home and was shocked to find the baby with her umbilical cord still attached. After getting her parents, the family rushed the baby to the hospital.

he report indicates the baby was in critical condition upon arrival, having been born prematurely. The baby was born one and half months premature and continues to receive treatment at the hospital while authorities attempt to find the mother.

Sundarat’s mother, Pummarat, says she is possible interested in adopting the baby and the Red Cross office in the Rua district has said that they have been approached by five families wanting to adopt the premature baby girl. The office said no decision will be made until the baby is healthy. The little girl is currently in an incubator at hospital and still needs care, although her condition is improving.

The dog Pui a Thai Dog breed, has received a special certificate from the Red Cross and earned his family money to pay for food for him and other dogs the family owns.


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