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News, Drought, a Farmers Update

Dilip Vishwanat_NYTimes farmer drought revelation food dryBelow is a copy of an email (used with permission) that I received from a very nice gentleman who is farming in Iowa. Here is what Bob had to say:

I am a farmer in northeast Iowa.  I generally plant 500 acres of corn and I am generally done planting by May 5th.  Last year we had a very severe drought that squeezed every drop of moisture out of the soil.  Now the soil has literally shrunk, compacted you may call it.  We average 10 inches of rain in April / May.  However this year we have had over 19 inches so far with heavy rain expected tonight.  The soil here HAD veins that  let the moisture drain to drainage tile or somewhere unknown, but after last years drought the veins seem to be gone.  I am only half planted with no possibility to plant in the forecast.  I know many that have planted nothing and many that have planted just a small amount so far.  We have cattle too and cannot harvest forage to feed the cows over winter.  There will not be many mouths fed by my farm!  I entertain the notion of God’s retribution for breaking a covenant with God at the founding of our country.  Maybe I’m a nut.

drought revelation food dry famine farmersNOTE FROM REVIVE: Many thanks to Bob for sharing his perspective! I do not think that I will ever again complain about the cost of groceries. It was eye-opening for me to hear the “other side”. I have a new appreciation for our farmers who truly are not only exceedingly hard-working Americans, but are dedicated even through the absolute hardest of times. It is my prayer that our farmers find some relief, alternatives, and quite frankly, a miracle from God.

Be blessed my friend and your fellow farmers who keep America & their families going! Our gratitude surrounds you!


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