Cancer Post-Op Recovery Products / Recommended

Recommended, Cancer Post-Op Recovery Products

Practical Post-Surgical and Cancer-Empowerment Accessories

practical-pockets scarfFrom Transition Solutions:

Bathing Ease, the versatile drain collection & infusion management system!

Bathing Ease manages negative-pressure drain systems used in mastectomy, tram flap, pulmonary, kidney, thoracic procedures, and more. Its versatile design can adapt to multiple other uses such as supporting an insulin pump while bathing or under the patient’s clothing while out-in-the community. Beneficial for physical therapy, med/surg recovery, the handicapped, the elderly, even x-ray exams!

  • Bathing Ease allows unencumbered, safe bathing by providing much-needed support to the drain collection bulbs or medical device.
  • Bathing Ease allows earlier patient mobility & confidence by supporting & concealing the drain tubes & reservoirs.
  • Bathing Ease is a one-size-fits-all with it’s over-the-shoulder comfort design and “pockets” 1-4+ collection bulbs/medical devices.
  • Bathing Ease provides optimal positioning and freedom of movement for X-ray exams and physical/occupational therapies.

2010-08-practical-pocketsTransition Solutions:

post-surgical & cancer-recovery accessories for the entire family.


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