End Times

News, End Times, ABC & Hal Lindsey: 2 Videos

This is not a distant future forecast anymore….

ABC NEWS- People all over the world being implanted with the RFID CHIP/ “Mark of the Beast”

Published on Jun 29, 2012

ALSO A REMINDER: Any forced “vaccines” have the potential to actually be the insertion of the RFID chip. DO NOT COMPLY!

Lord God, give us spiritual discernment and wisdom in these trying times ahead, that we not naively go along with what we are told.  Be our Safety and rear Guard in all things, in every decision. Let us not be deceived. All praise, glory and honor are Yours Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; my God.

Now for Hal’s Report:

Mark of the Beast

The Hal Lindsey Report

Published on Mar 3, 2013


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