When Grace takes a Vacation

  By: Its All His Anyway

We are of course forgiven through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for us at Calvary. Grace is by very definition exactly that, grace. We cannot earn grace it is bestowed upon us unworthy souls by a Righteous and Perfect God.

As God’s people we are to emulate Him in all ways. So we must obviously be loving, forgiving, faithful, and givers of grace to those around us including those whom we do not want to grant grace to.

It needs to be said here that there is a difference between grace and justification. Granting someone grace for something they did does not mean that you approve of their actions; in other words the person committing the wrong was not justified by your granting them grace.

Of course to grant grace entails forgiving. Everyone needs to forgive someone for something.

So what is grace anyway? Let’s say your husband cheated on you, you forgive him and try to work things out in the marriage…that is grace. It is not the forgiving part; rather it is the fact that over and above forgiveness you have chosen to continue the relationship with him. God chooses to continue the relationship with us even though we sin against Him…grace.

It is easy to say that we should be graceful to those around us. Doing so is another story all together.

What would be enough for you to withhold grace from someone? What sin would be “the one” that would cause you to refuse to grant someone grace?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of this scenario? Is there any justification for doing this to someone?

Sadly I have been on the receiving end of this. Apparently some sins are forgiven and all is well, and some are not and all is not well. I have lost a friend, others just do not say much anymore, and some are fine.

What has been the cause of this? A marriage…you fill in the blanks. I am sadly disappointed in my church family; it should not be this way.

Grace it seems has taken a vacation.


3 thoughts on “When Grace takes a Vacation

  1. Sometimes we need to be reminded that Christians are imperfect & blemished & prejudiced just like the rest of the human race, but it’s unfortunate that the reminder comes through the withholding of grace towards one another. Who among us can cast the first stone??! IAHA, remember that His grace knows no bounds. I’m confident He will deal with those who have offended you & that His comfort and healing is already at work in you. Time will prove His work in your wounded heart. Be blessed in abundance, & keep sharing! We all look forward to hearing how He will turn this around for His & your benefit!!

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