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Braving Your Individual Battlefield

Electrifying spring runoff by Marybeth Haydon

Electrifying spring runoff by Marybeth Haydon

After my bilateral mastectomy and divine healing from the lung cancer, I began hiking. It was sensational and new-to-me to witness His marvelous creation and creatures up close and personal.

Hiking was undeniably difficult in the beginning, but the more I explored and the more I experienced my treks, I was also getting into shape while I was clearing my mind of negativity, de-stressing and replacing it with life and appreciation.

The Lord guided me through changing my mindset and I accepted. I had gone through the grieving phases of my probable death and now needed to get past the acceptance of death.

I literally stopped preparing for my death.

My mindset had to be beyond survival, I needed to be more than a conqueror; I was confronted to live-out my faith and believe the bible’s words. I’m now equipped, through His guidance, through His Son, to climb the mountains and journey the valleys that life throws at me. The more I exercise and utilize the skills and talents He has given me, the better I’m living my life for Him and changing my attitude.

Having had cancer is nearly insignificant to me now (other than the Lord’s interventions) and certainly isn’t a “prerequisite” of sorts for feet hitting the dirt trail. Rather, as someone summed it up for me:

Cancer is nothing more than a new trail.

It’s an ongoing journey, an ongoing chance to love, share, give, accept, and to change. Whether facing  cancer or any threat to health, or while on trail it’s about the unique opportunities; experiencing, encountering, hearing, smelling, documenting, collecting. Even during the threatening times, the terror, the confusion, the pain, the weak physical body, the cold; I’m alive to subsist, to endure it all. The good and the bad, the mistakes and the good undertakings, it’s what makes life, life.

Whether your “Survival Skills” are enduring chemo, wilderness exploring, stress management on the job, or just getting yourself up out of bed today to brave your individual battlefield, they are all excellent accomplishments. But until we broaden the parameters of those techniques with faith in God,they’re just techniques with limitations.


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