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Bible Study, Forgiveness Our Essential Directive Week Two of Four



Week Two of Four


Entitlement. That sinister, slithering, rising of self.


What does Jesus teach about “our rights”? Not only does He have much to say but Jesus exemplified for us:

How about His Deity? He relinquished more than we will ever know and became mere man.

Or His right to Kingship? He relinquished that right and became a Servant.

How about His right to respect & honor? Instead He was reviled, mocked, spat upon. Have you ever experienced even one of these? It’s horrible.  What other things can you think of that He relinquished?

How about His right to physically defend Himself?  He was beaten savagely, with satanically-inspired brutality & savagery. Did He hear the enemy’s gleeful, maniacal laughter in the spiritual realm? More salt in the deep wounds?

His sinless-ness?  He forsook ALL. He gave it all up by becoming sin for us. The holy sacrificial Lamb; Meekness Personified.  I thought about this, and I believe in His doing this, He essentially was also submitted to the consequences of sin, for a brief, horrific time while He was separated from Father God. HE BECAME SIN! Not that He ever “served” the enemy, but His perfect submission to the Father was releasing control to the nth degree.  When we’re in sin, in the sin of unforgiveness, are we not submitting to the enemy’s ways? We are serving either our Holy Father God in selfless-ness or we are serving the enemy in selfishness. There’s no in-between.  We yield (in other words, SUBMIT to) to either one or the other.

Bottom line: whose side are we on? Are we emulating our Savior or the enemy of our souls?

“(Forgiveness) As we do so, we shall find that His precious Blood is continually cleansing us from sin, and that ‘the tide is continuously healed at its beginning’, and Jesus is continuously filling us with His Spirit. This demands that we must be people of ‘a humble and contrite spirit’, that is, people who are willing to be shown the smallest thing. But such are the ones, God says, who ‘dwell with Him in the high and hold place, and who experience continuous revival. There then is our choice, to protest our innocence and go down to our house, unblessed, dry of soul, and out of touch with God. Or to justify God and to enter into peace, fellowship, and victory through the Blood of Jesus.”

Roy Hession   The Calvary Road

Mark 11:25 Wow. He does not even want to hear our prayers until we go make things right. Are “things” right in your heart?  Please memorize Mark 11:25 and treasure it. Live it.


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