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Bible Study, Fan the Flame Week Three of Three



Week Three of Three


WEEK TWO:  All we need to do is to ASK for the rekindling and He will swiftly answer!

Week Three Note

I need to be on fire, full of His Flame, the Holy Spirit. I need to experience His presence daily, hourly. I need to be re-purposed and reclaimed! I sought Him first on everything before! I deeply regret falling away from His continual fellowship and direction, His interventions. I have re-prioritized every single day, every single waking moment. I no longer “pencil” Him in. I’m using INK and sticking to it. Please learn from my mistakes.  When you feel your life getting busy and crowded … think about my mistake. Don’t even begin to slip away from the deep passion and loving relationship you have with your Lord; your First Love. Hang onto it, it’s your lifeline and you’re dangling over the edge of the cliff!

Let’s study together.

When we were on fire for the Lord, what were our first works?

1)      FASTED & PRAYED       ACTS 10:30,31            IS 58:6-14                    __________

2)      WORSHIP                                PS 95:1-7                     JN 4:23,24                   __________

3)      SEEK HIM                                IS 55:6                         EX 33:14                      __________

4)      SURRENDER,SUBMIT  ROM 12:1,2                 1PETER 5:5-11             EPH 2:10

All we need to do is to ASK for the rekindling and He will swiftly answer!  He desires our fellowship.  Our love.  He fervently desires all of the things listed and so much more!



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