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Bible Study, One Foot In Front of the Other: Week Two of Five



Week Two of Four


God wanted Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in his heart, so that it would be clear Abraham loved God more than his promised, long-awaited son.


GEN 22:13  Look carefully at how this verse is worded.

1)      The Hebrew says “another ram in the thicket.” Isaac was the first ram.

2)      Also note that Abraham names the place “The Lord will provide” not “Abraham believed” his focus is on God’s mercy and faithfulness, not on his own obedience! WOW! Remember that spiritual pride is the most disgusting sin. Spiritual gifts and faith are not of our own doing.

3)      Gen 22:16-18 Because you have done this… I will… Read these verse aloud, so much power is released when the word is spoken.

This brings this story to its proper conclusion, binding Isaac was a forerunner to the binding of a much greater sacrifice. The sacrifice of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus.


Abraham and Isaac stepped out in faith and in obedience, each one submitting to their father.  Abraham to Father God, Isaac to his father Abraham.

Isaac was a forerunner to the true sacrificial Lamb.

We need to be quick to obey when the step up or the stepping out lines-up with the word of God.

Bring with you an I-can-do attitude; otherwise we may miss out on blessings when God assigns the task to someone else.


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