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When I Stay Close To Him I Am Safe

San Antonio a

Rushing River by Marybeth Haydon

I cannot adequately describe just how electric the air is just from being near the mass magnitude of powerful, sustaining, pounding, swirling, intense water! It is so tangible. I am laughing, I am so hyped, so enlivened, so…

… simply overcome with incredulous amazement.

The power and beauty are flabbergasting, addicting. I feel like an addict right now, the euphoria, the buzz, (from what I hear). How wonderful to be addicted to Jesus, to feel the “buzz” of His creation! It’s an all natural high, and I am absolutely digging it! And to think that the Lord created this and the power emanating from it is absolutely nothing in comparison to His might and power and majesty! This magnificent waterfall simply cannot be, nor ever will be, of greater power than the One Who created it. The waterfall does serve its purpose admirably; proving essential water to the environment, for the creatures residing near and in it, and for mankind to esteem, respect and appreciate.


Powerful Spring Runoff by Marybeth Haydon

Glory to You oh God, You truly know no bounds Thank You for a safe and exciting trip of wonder, appreciation and discovery!


An interesting endeavor this has been. An innocuous sighting with the dueling ants, the breathtaking beauty and intense power of the waterfalls, not a single snake incident, a star-studded night among the whispering sounds of indigenous animals, energy and the stamina to pack-in the supplies needed for the overnight stay, plus energy and stamina to make the arduous climb. Who would have ever thought?

I’m appreciative of the multiple wilderness trainings that God is blessing me with. I am witnessing a new dimension of His power while experiencing His interest in my individual interests. I want to continue my training, to be a good student, clear to the day I get to meet Him, face to Face.

Luke 6:40 “A disciple is not above his teacher but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher.”

I desire to be like my Teacher. I submit to His training. Out here. In the wilderness. In the wilderness is where He met me because I finally inclined my ear to Him as I wandered through the forests, my eyes finally opened by seeing His Hand and glory, as demonstrated in nature, (which is only one aspect of His creative glory!) acknowledging that He truly is GOD.

I was awakened by the threats to my life, the sheer volume of threats to my life, a lifetime of threats to my life! Four times with a gun or rifle, twice with cancer.

He got my attention with the cancers. Finally I began to listen to Him.

I am known to be a bit muley …

I’m not sure how all the pieces originally came together to get me out into the wilds, but here I am.  Simultaneously struggling with and enjoying the wilderness, it has been hard work; it has also been an absolute pleasure. I feel as though there is this map under my feet that I must explore.

imagesCABSOMFRAs my lungs are about to burst with the strenuous climbs, I remember that He healed me of lung cancer. My pursuit of relationship with God is evidenced by my overall perspective, my physical abilities, and how I view life’s challenges. As I worship Him I recall His miracles and victories in my life.

While I pause for hydration breaks, He reminds me that He is the Living Water of my soul. I submit to His successful Leadership.  Revelation 7:17  “… the Lamb Who is in the midst of the throne will Shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”     Isaiah 44:3  “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and the floods on the dry ground; I will pour My Spirit on your descendants, and MY blessing on your offspring.”

When I refuel and protein-up for prolonged miles of trail, He strikes a chord in my spirit: when was the last time I nourished my soul with His living Word? The need to take care of my physical body is just as important as taking care of my spirit, my soul.

Once I encounter dangerous patches, inclines, or animals He reminds me of my physical training and of my spiritual armory and weapons, both are essential weaponry. Balance is key, Jesus is my Safety Coach, He completes me.

As the hike increases in difficulty, there’s a temptation to quit. I’m learning that no matter what the battle is, no matter what the difficulty is, that He is my resolve. He is building perseverance in me with real relational depth with Him, as I respond to His guidance. I’m learning that the reward is worth the effort, whether it is summiting a mountaintop or resisting a strong temptation to stray from the narrow (spiritual) path. I am pressing in, pressing onward in my walk with Him. And yes, even my spiritual walk does get difficult. That is when I dig into the perseverance that He is building in me, when I build-up my spiritual energies by nourishing my soul with His Word.

worship 1

Courtesy Google images.

If I fall off the side of the mountain, He guides me to be diligent in where I step, am I too close to the edge, and am I off trail?  He prompts me to avoid spiritual dangers by staying on the straight and narrow, staying in His will. Am I in enemy territory? If so, I have wandered from the path, His paths.  The closer I walk with Him, the easier it becomes which is comparable to my mid-week conditioning walks, preparing my physical body for the activities that I now embrace. The closer I stay to HIm, the safer I am.

As I watch an extravagant morning break from the mountaintop, I know that He has given me yet another day. Another day to intercede for others, to tell others about Him. Another day to talk to Him, to break bread with Him, to love Him more fully, and to share these experiences together with Him.

GOD Himself desires to walk with me and to talk to me! But get this: He desires for me to walk with Him! He desires for me to talk to Him!

What a monumental privilege!


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